Born to run. Again.

Lori Crawford is the definition of an athlete. A competitive runner for the past 12 years, the physical education teacher has competed in four full marathons and 45 half-marathons. So when she found herself injured, the idea of ending her running career wasn’t an option. 
Lori suffered from the deterioration of the joint located at the second metatarsal on the right foot caused by overuse and running. She saw many doctors, all of whom told her she might never run again. Having the determination of an athlete and the stubbornness of a runner, Lori kept searching for a different answer—one that would allow her to continue running. 
After hearing about Great Basin Orthopaedics from a friend in the medical field, Lori scheduled an appointment with Dr. Richard Hayes, an orthopaedic specialist fellowship-trained in the foot and ankle. 
“We receive a lot of referrals from members of the medical community,” says Dr. Hayes. “Other medical professionals recognize that we do things differently. Patients are able to get in to see a doctor relatively quickly, we give patients the time they need in their appointment and we provide them with excellent, thoughtful care.”
Due to her previous experiences, Lori was not optimistic approaching her first appointment. “I had very low expectations going into my first appointment with Dr. Hayes,” Lori explains. “Previous doctors advised me to stop running all together. Dr. Hayes understood how important running was for me. He outlined a surgical treatment plan and was confident I would run again.” 
After meeting with Dr. Hayes, Lori’s outlook changed dramatically. He explained to her that he had experience with the recommended procedure and that he specialized in foot injuries and treatment. Lori’s treatment plan included a Weil Osteotomy—realignment and shortening of the second metatarsal. 
“As a physician, it is my job to return patients to the highest quality of life possible,” explains Dr. Hayes. “Telling an avid athlete they should stop being an athlete in order to not be in pain is not providing them with a great quality of life option. We owe it to our patients to work for the very best possible solution.”
After surgery, Lori was in an immobilization boot for less than a month. Diligently following her recovery plan, she began including limited running in her workouts four months after surgery and slowly increased her running over time. 
The outcome of the surgery has exceeded Lori’s highest hopes She has since completed two half marathons and the grueling Reno Tahoe Odyssey. She placed first in her age group in her most recent half marathon and is pain-free now during her runs. 
“I recommend Great Basin Orthopaedics for the professional and friendly atmosphere,” says Lori. “Dr. Hayes clearly explained my treatment options and recognized my desire to continue to run. He provided a recovery plan and was always available to answer questions and concerns.”
Dr. Richard Hayes is a Board Certified orthopedic surgeon at Great Basin Orthopaedics. He is Reno’s first fellowship-trained foot and ankle specialist and received training at the prestigious Campbell Clinic in Memphis, Tennessee. Great Basin Orthopaedics has been providing Northern Nevada with exceptional orthopaedic care since 1964.