From a proud mother

"Wow!  Today is the one-year anniversary of Jim’s shoulder surgery.  As he said by email, “if you had told me a year ago that I would be here, I’d tell you that you have a sick and twisted sense of humor.”  Dream big; work hard. 

A week ago, Jim made the Infantry Skills Team, which is the team that competes at West Point in the Sandhurst Competition against military teams for the active branches, service academies and other countries. Jim was one of the 5 selected from the 60 that tried out. 

Tryouts included interview, physical tests and an 8-hour “screener” which sounded like mostly rucking. The first set of midterms are this week, but it sounds like it is going well and most important to his mother -  he loves it.

Thanks for all you did to help get him to this point." 

-Karen Massey