Drs. Travis Kieckbusch and Christopher Dolan speak at Injured Rodeo Athlete Symposium

Dr. Travis Keckbusch and Dr. Christopher Dolan, both founder/owners of Great Basin Orthopaedics, presented to physicians, athletic trainers and allied health personnel who take care of PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association) athletes at the “Caring for the Injured Rodeo Athlete” conference, held in Las Vegas December 7 and 8. The event, sponsored by the Justin Sportsmedicine Team, focused on care for the most common injuries sustained by rodeo athletes. Both doctors are members of the Justin Sportsmedicine Team, providing medical care for pro rodeo athletes.

Dr. Kieckbusch's lecture covered heterotopic ossification (the presence of bone in soft tissue where bone normally doesn’t exist) and carpometacarpal dislocations (injury involving violent, forceful dorsiflexion of the wrist. combined with longitudinal impact on the closed hand), while Dr. Dolan discussed hip impingement (a condition in which there is abnormal and wearing contact between the ball and socket of the hip joint).

A former Chief of Orthopaedics for Renown Medical Center, Dr. Kieckbusch is currently Chief of Orthopaedics for Northern Nevada Medical Center. He shares his knowledge of orthopaedic and sports injury with groups at rodeo events, medical conferences and with high school athletic trainers, also serving as the orthopaedic consultant for Spanish Springs High School. Dr. Kieckbusch also makes time to help educate the doctors of tomorrow as an associate professor with the University of Nevada School of Medicine.

Dr. Dolan is an orthopaedic consultant for the Western Nevada College Wildcats Baseball team, as well as Wooster High School and Galena High School athletes. Dr. Dolan also serves on the Renown Trauma Panel, treating traumatic injuries and complex fractures.

Both doctors serve as part of the University of Nevada Reno Wolf Pack Orthopaedic Consultancy team.

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