McKenzie and Jazlyn

The people behind the scenes

You see them when you check in, and you talk to them when you check out. They schedule your appointments and handle your referrals. They’re such an integral part of Great Basin Orthopaedics (GBO) that we thought it was high time to shine a spotlight on the GBO office staff.

The Front

When you enter GBO, Vicente and Destinee greet you. They gather your information, take payments, answer your questions and then let the doctors and medical assistants know you’re here.

Destinee has been with us for about a year, and she enjoys her face-time with GBO patients. “I like that I get to know our patients and find out how they’re doing, before sending them to the back to see the medical staff,” she says.

Vicente has worked in health care for several years, working for an optometry office before joining the GBO team. “I really like the environment here, everyone is friendly,” he says. Though one of the most important things in his opinion? “Everyone who comes here sees a doctor, not like other places. This way our patients can be sure they’re getting the skilled attention they need.”

Destinee agrees. “Everybody works hard and puts our patients first.”


The Back

McKenzie and Jazlyn are your check-out team. They handle rescheduling, share progress notes with you and make sure you have accurate contact information for follow-up questions. Jazlyn has been with us for a little more than a year, and McKenzie a few months.

“I like that we really do put our patients first,” Jazlyn says. “We go out of our way to get them in, working around their schedules and doing whatever we can to help.”

McKenzie has always wanted to work in health care and is currently studying to become a nurse. “I like people and doing what I can to help them feel better,” she says, adding that everyone she works with is focused on that same goal,including the doctors. “They’re very personable, caring and talented.”

The Middle

Cynthia joined the team when GBO added a physical therapy (PT) department in January 2018. She handles PT referrals and authorizations for all seven doctors. “If the doctor recommends physical therapy, the patient sees me,” she says.

She works with each patient, reviews their insurance, preference and geographic location to help them find the best physical therapist for their specific needs. She also handles follow-up appointments and whatever else is necessary to ensure GBO patients are getting the follow-up care prescribed by the surgeon.  

CynthiaCynthia has worked in health care for nine years, most recently as a concierge at an assisted living facility. She says she’s impressed with the quality of care she sees at GBO. “Our doctors are really close with our patients, and their communication is amazing,” she says. “It’s impressive seeing what they do from simple procedures to more complex surgeries.”

Though she’ll always refer patients to the PT clinic that makes the most sense for them, Cynthia does point out the benefits of using the GBO PT team. “It’s nice because everyone is accessible to each other,” she says. “I think having PT on-site makes it easier for our patients and assists with their overall recovery.”

We’re grateful to have such a knowledgeable and friendly administrative team assisting our medical staff. Our entire team is united in our goal of helping you heal and get back to your life. Give us a call at (775) 786-1600 if there’s anything we can do to help you with that.