Teen getting the bandages off.

GBO Patient Diary: Appointment 7 - Surgery follow-up — what's this thing look like?

In our continuing series, we’re following a real GBO patient, Gio, from diagnosis all the way through treatment at Great Basin Orthopaedics. Be sure to check back for updates as we follow the journey, which is documented by his mother, Paige.

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Appointment 7: July 20, 2020

  • We showed up for our two-week follow-up with great anticipation. Finally, the bandages would come off, and we could see what his ankle looked like.

    While the bi-lateral stitches were slightly grisly, Dr. Hayes was delighted by the lack of swelling and said it looked great — we felt accomplished. We were also pleased to hear that he could start loading the foot up to 50% of body weight.

    Laura the MA took the stitches out, and we got a new removeable boot that would make showering much easier. Dr. Hayes encouraged Gio to wear the boot “all the time,” including for sleep during the next two weeks, as the foot had been in a toe-down position and needed to get used to flexing at 90˚ again. We were also told to schedule physical therapy to start in two weeks. While GBO has PT right upstairs, we wanted a clinic close to our house. The scheduler found one at checkout and made the referral.